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Pulsar "MrOw" SK8 Deck

Pulsar "MrOw" SK8 Deck

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Take to the streets, ramps, and skateparks with an original Pulsar SK8 Deck. As a part of our Pulsar Sk8 Series, we’ve created our own line of skateboard decks with works from our featured artists! The MrOw artwork brings to life a vivid depiction of an undead cat returning to nature. A mouse can be seen building a nest of colorful tendrils and forest findings around its former foe. Created by featured artist Courtney Hannen.

Pulsar SK8 Decks are made from industry standard 7-ply maple wood to withstand any fails, bails, biffs, and falls. Each skate deck measures 8.5 inches wide with a 32.5 inch board length. These classic popsicle style boards will have you shredding in style and enjoying the ride!


  • Skateboard deck
  • 8.5 inch by 32.5 inch dimensions
  • 7-ply maple wood construction
  • MrOw design
  • Featured artist Courtney Hannen
  • Official Pulsar SK8 product
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