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"Melly Rescue Cat" Puffs Pendy Melt

"Melly Rescue Cat" Puffs Pendy Melt

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The kitty cat editions are back better than ever! Was that profiles of soft floral notes blended with fresh clean linen? Here's the best part. We teamed up with our amazing friends over at Melly Cat Rescue in Medford, Oregon to really make a difference and some kitties' lives. Every candle purchase will help provide food, shelter and so much more. We would love to. Thank you for your support. Each candle has a unique, Kitty Pendy. Happy Hunting.

Hand poured smoke odor eliminating candles. 

Each one has a wood wick and burns slowly while eliminating odors. 

Each candle contains a pendant inside valued at $20 – $1000. 

IG @Puffspendymelts

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