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"Black" Puffshot Vape Cup

"Black" Puffshot Vape Cup

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Previous e-cigarettes offered a limited taste, fleeting flavors that left users unable to savor rich nuances, leading to disappointment. Hence, we introduced this highly portable device that seamlessly transitions to a “super battery”, boasting 5 times the intensity, delivering an immediate hit.

PuffShot wax vaporizer cup seamlessly combines the on-the-go convenience with the immersive user experience. Portable and handheld, it intensifies the flavor by 5-10 times. What’s more, the innovative delayed inhalation breaks the norm, offering a longer, more comfortable experience that helps alleviate emotional stress. We have applied for the Red Dot Design Award and the IDEA Award.

This portable handheld wax vaporizer cup stands out with its unique innovative “store before inhale” design, setting it apart from traditional ones. Crafted from premium lightweight materials, it offers a sleek, compact feel, ensuring easy portability.

PuffShot introduces an industry-first “store-before-inhale” method, offering a 5x amplified experience compared to standard smoking. Immediate satisfaction upon inhaling deeply, delivering an intensely gratifying sensation for heavy users.

Stronger Flavor: Compared to regular e-cigarettes, the taste and aroma may be up to 5 times stronger.

Increased Nicotine Content: Experience an enhanced effect, 5 times stronger compared to the same nicotine concentration.

Enhanced Vapor Production: Generates vapor up to 5 times more with each puff compared to regular devices.

Longer-lasting Effects: The effects of inhalation may last up to 5 times longer than usual.

PuffShot provides a sense of joy and tranquility to the body and mind, inducing a state of relaxation that aids in alleviating physical discomfort.

Compared to other products on the market, PuffShot can store smoke in the device before inhalation, ensuring consistency in flavor between the first and last puff, achieving the characteristic of delayed inhalation.

The design of the portable wax vaporizer cup ensures users experience a seamless, silky inhalation of vapor. Each puff instantly reflects an “empty cup”, offering a smooth, uninterrupted sensation throughout the smoking process.

Combining modern aesthetics with fashion elements, the matte metallic finish and translucent light-colored cup create a sleek appearance defined by simplicity and distinct personality.

4 Classic Colours Available

Combining modern aesthetics with fashion elements, the matte metallic finish and translucent light-colored cup create a sleek appearance defined by simplicity and distinct personality.

We’ve crafted a special mouthpiece for PuffShot. It not only ensures each puff is smooth but also elevates the taste to a whole new level, making every inhale a truly comfortable experience

A fun straw-like vaping experience, as smooth and delightful as sipping water.

PuffShot takes into account user needs, ensuring the vapor temperature is well-moderated in the design, preventing excessively high temperatures that could cause harm when inhaling the smoke.

The market’s typical e-cigarettes usually support only two types of vaporizers, while PuffShot is compatible with three: wax, 510 carts, and PODs. This allows users to choose based on personal preference, offering a more personalized experience.


PuffShot features a child lock function designed to prevent accidents. It remains locked while charging, significantly enhancing safety measures. It effectively prevents children from accessing it, offering users peace of mind during use.

PuffShot boasts a 1500mAh battery capacity, offering extended battery life and fast charging speeds, allowing you to quickly recharge during downtime and continue enjoying a perfect day

The portable wax vaporizer cup utilizes PCTG as the material for its body, which is a recyclable material with minimal environmental impact. It aligns with eco-friendly principles and provides a durable and lasting user experience.

PuffShot’s sealed design effectively traps the vapor within the device, reducing the smoke released from traditional tobacco combustion, thereby improving air quality in public spaces. This design prevents passive smoking for others and considers their overall health.

Product Specifics:
* Size:60MM*190MM
*The atomizer resistance:over 0.75
*Adjustable voltage :From 2.0 to 4.0 volts in a continuous loop, with each press incrementing 0.1v voltage setting manually
*Compatible with 510 carts, wax, and pods, offering triple compatibility with various atomizers.
*Type-C charging port
*OLED screen
*PCTG material

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