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"Middle Earth" Shire X Lord Of The Rings Pipe Stand

"Middle Earth" Shire X Lord Of The Rings Pipe Stand

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Middle-Earth encompasses vast lands filled with creatures of different origins and languages. Each society and sector will come to play their role in the great War of the Ring, deciding the fate of future generations and the world still to come. From the grassy rolling hills of the Shire and the gleaming city of Rivendell, to the depths of Moria’s Mine or the erupting peaks of Mount Doom, the realm of Middle-Earth is where this story unfolds.

Display any Lord of the Rings pipe with honor using the Middle-Earth Pipe Stand. Crafted from quality cherry wood, this stand is engraved with an enchanted elder tree. Around its base, an Elven phrase reads “From the ashes a fire shall be woken”, one line of a longer riddle portraying the destiny of the realm foreshadowing the Return of the King.


  • Measures 3 inches by 4 inches (7.62cm x 10.16cm)
  • Cherry wood
  • Decorative pipe stand
  • Holds most of the Shire Pipes comfortably
  • Special The Lord of the Rings™ collector's edition gift box packaging
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